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Welcome, friends. My name is John Robson…

For 15 years I was employed as an electronics designer and project manager. My projects went well, but for years being a small part of a big company, things did not make sense. I blamed my managers, directors and company direction. So I proceeded to work in smaller companies and play a bigger role in projects so there were less people and bureaucracy to blame. But I was still not happy.

I slowly moved from a focus on technology to a more meaningful focus on managing people, ideas and marketing. But it was not until I learned how to draw out my life purpose that I developed a bigger and clearer vision of my life. And when I did, I was rewarded with more clarity, synchronicity and excitement. My challenges with chaos, fire fighting and wondering what is going on were replaced by more inspiration, harmony and fitting into the bigger picture.

Now I am very aware of my higher purpose and how to express it. It has led me to my own company and helping thousands of others get more out of their lives by finding their life’s purpose. I was able to create various niche products in the Personal Development Field that aims to teach how one can tap into rich reserves of energy, personal power and passion in order to allow life to begin to flow in new and delightful ways.

With this site, I now want to show you how to figure out your niche and connect with your gifts, style and higher purpose so you can enjoy life and find meaning in why you’re here.

It’s never too late to know your place in the universe. My dream is for you to discover how to maximize all of your potentials and begin living a happier and more meaningful life.

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